Operation Peaceful Planet: The Beginning of a Peaceful Era

Date 25 May 2016
Hosted by The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Organized by AGORA, International Student Union
Registration required

Register before: May 24, 2016
The purpose of the conference is to help the attendees comprehend the current militarized world in which we live, and how we as world citizens can incite a shift towards a peaceful world. Operation Peaceful Planet will attempt to scrutinize the global military expenditure versus the funding of global peace operations, and will provide solutions to change and improve the status quo.
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The conference will provide two interactive sessions led by two peace-building experts from UPEACE The Hague: Nika Salvetti and Davin Bremner. Additionally, there will be four different workshops about four different case countries where participants can simulate peace negotiations, budget allocation, or learn how to write a policy recommendation for countries that are currently involved in conflict.


Operation Peaceful Planet is open to all who wish to enhance their knowledge on peaceful development and how this is done in a militarized world. Additionally, after the conference a gathering will be provided where you will have the opportunity to network with people from different organizations in the field of peace, justice and security.


Registration for the conference and workshops are highly required, for registration please visit For other inquiries please contact Ms. Croes at


The program, including background information, may be downloaded from the right hand side of this page.


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