Global Compact Network Netherlands

The Netherlands Network of the UN Global Compact is a national focal point for signatories.
It aims to further the Global Compact's 10 principles and serves members through (1) organizing learning activities, (2) mutual support with the Communication on Progress (COP), and (3) joint projects.

The Netherlands Network of the UN Global Compact (GC NL) is an initiative of Dutch business leaders to further the contribution of private business – within its sphere of influence – to sustainable development. Led and driven by signatory companies, GC NL will be guided in its efforts by the ten Global Compact principles and by the Millennium Development Goals.


To achieve between now and 2015 a significant step forward in the contribution – to be targeted and measured both in qualitative and quantitative terms – from private business in attaining sustainable development.


The strategy sets out to:

  1. stimulate private companies in the Netherlands to become signatories to the Global Compact;
  2. provide Netherlands business signatories with a vehicle for inspirational learning and benchmarking through:
    • peer feed-back on the periodic COP (Communication of Progress) reporting to which signatory companies are committed;
    • more general exchange of experience, also with public authorities, civil society and academic institutions that show an active interest in sustainability, with regard to the fulfilment of the GC NL mission;
  3. establish a platform for joint projects between signatories on a voluntary basis (f.e. the past Human Rights project in which 10 companies participated; the project Partnering for Prosperity; and the forming of a Network against Child Labour).
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Global Compact Network Netherlands
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