UPEACE Centre The Hague

The European Centre of the University for Peace (Costa Rica)

In cooperation with other academic and policy-oriented institutions in The Hague region, UPEACE Centre The Hague (UPH) provides innovative peace education and research. Its focus is on two programmes: "Peace and Conflict Studies", and "Water and Peace". A third programme: "Business and Peace", is under construction. In addition to these programmes, UPEACE The Hague also organises professional training courses, lectures, seminars and workshops. Its activities are characterised by synergy between theory and practice, contributing to policy innovation, and are appealing to academics as well as other professionals. This brief overview gives an impression of the field of work of UPEACE The Hague.



The mission of UPEACE The Hague is:

"To contribute to higher education and research in the area of peace, and to promote and facilitate UPEACE programmes and activities in The Netherlands and the EU. It will thereby add to the existing peace expertise in The Netherlands and the EU in this area.
This will be realised on the basis of knowledge and expertise from the UPEACE global network and in cooperation with organizations for education, research, consultancy and Peace and Justice in The Netherlands."

UPEACE The Hague will sustain commitment to the global peace agenda by creating new opportunities for breakthroughs in regional peace processes and peace dialogues, working in close cooperation with institutes in The Hague area. In this way, UPEACE The Hague will strive to develop as UPEACE’s European expertise and knowledge centre – a process in which UPEACE alumni are engaged as well.


UPEACE The Hague is governed by the Board of the Foundation “Alliance for the University for Peace”, chaired by Mr Marius Enthoven, MSc.


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UPEACE Centre The Hague
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