Barend (Bas) ter Haar, MA

Board Member

Barend (Bas) ter Haar is Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael.
+31 (0)70 355 0930
In 2013 he retired from the Netherlands ministry of foreign affairs, where he spent most of his career in multilateral affairs, inter alia as ambassador of the Netherlands to UNESCO, as Ambassador for International Security Affairs, representing the European Union at the ASEAN Regional Forum, and as Director of the Policy Planning Staff.


After studying history and public law in Leiden and Utrecht, he lectured on the history of fascism at Leiden University. His publications include The Future of Biological Weapons, written during a sabbatical at Georgetown University, and Peace or Human rights, the dilemma of humanitarian intervention. Among his current interests are global governance, international cooperation and the OSCE.

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