Changes in the Board: Robert Serry appointed as new UPH chairman

15 Oct 2017  At the presentation of our Annual Report and Accounts 2016, Chairman Marius Enthoven highlighted that previous activities of UPEACE Centre The Hague (UPH) have been successfully concluded. Since then, UPH is actively exploring new possibilities to pursue our contribution to peace education and associated activities.

Marius Enthoven also decided at that time to engage a successor. This resulted last October in the appointment of Robert Serry as UPH’s new Chairman. He was involved in international conflict management and mediation, having served for NATO in the Balkans and Afghanistan and for the UN as the Secretary-General’s special envoy for the Middle East Peace Process.


In his new position, Mr. Serry stated as his intention to explore new ways for UPH to continue its close collaboration with universities and higher education institutes, in particular by helping to bridge the gap between international conflict management theory and practice.


The Board warmly welcomed Robert Serry as its new chairman, and paid tribute to Marius Enthoven’s long-standing commitment to UPH over the years. He was involved in the Alliance for the University for Peace for almost 15 years, and was the initiator of UPH and its activities in 2012.


We also thanked communication specialist Roelf Middel, who has resigned as member of the Board. He is succeeded by Diederik Kramers, a journalist and communication expert with an extensive background in UN and international affairs.

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