How to apply for an MA at the University for Peace, and what documents are needed

The deadline to register for an MA at the University for Peace is July 15, 2021, with courses starting in Costa Rica on August 19. This means that if you’re interested in joining the University for Peace, you will need to prepare yourself and get some documents ready!


The application process is fully online via the website of the university: you can find the admission page here. But first, check which documents you will need to prepare, and have them ready to upload when you file your application on the website’s admission page. You’ll find the complete overview of all the documents you need to prepare in the Admissions Requirements.


Also, if you’re a student from Europe, get in touch with UPEACE Centre The Hague. Mail your CV to before you start your online application, and our Chairman, Mr. Robert Serry, will send a letter of recommendation to the admission office and the Dean of the UPEACE University for Peace. This can help you to get a 30% waiver on the tuition fee (The tuition fee is 19.500 US$).


After your online registration, once you have been admitted for an MA in Costa Rica, the University’s Student Services will contact you regarding your visa application and housing options.

Please note that:

- Costs of living will be between 500 and 700 US$ per month.

- To obtain a visum to study in Costa Rica for a year, you will need to prepare documents which will have to be translated into Spanish by a certified translator. It may take 6 to 8 weeks before you actually obtain your visum!


So you still have some work to do before you actually get to the University for Peace.

But don’t worry: more than 2100 Master alumni from around the world have already made it to Costa Rica before you!