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New publication on access to justice in South Sudan

A new policy brief is published within the research project “Intersections of Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in South Sudan”. The project is carried out in cooperation by the University for Peace (UPEACE) Centre The Hague, the South Sudan Law Society (SSLS) and PAX.

Policy Brief – Access to Justice in South Sudan.



This policy brief assesses the rates of seven types of violent crime – cattle raiding, armed robbery, physical assault, murder, sexual assault, abduction and torture – in various parts of South Sudan and examines the choices that South Sudanese make when confronted with an instances of violent crime.


The brief is structured in three sections. The first section provides an overview of existing justice systems in South Sudan. The second section provides information on crime incidence rates in the midst of conflict and in more stable settings. The third section provides detailed findings about the choices that people make when confronted with violent crimes. The conclusion summarizes the main findings and provides recommendations for how to cultivate demand for justice and ensure the available services are in line with user needs.