UPEACE Netherlands Scholarship Programme



UPEACE Centre the Hague is pleased to announce a new scholarship initiative, aimed at supporting Dutch students who wish to study at the UN-mandated University of Peace in Costa Rica.


The UPEACE Netherlands Scholarship is intended to support aspiring students of Dutch nationality who are interested in attending a one-year Master programme at the UPEACE University for Peace in Costa Rica (UCR). Students can opt for a Master’s in Environment and Development, in International Law, or in Peace and Conflict Studies.
In addition to the UPEACE Netherlands Scholarship, a 30% tuition discount is possible, provided that the student consults with UPEACE Centre the Hague before submitting an official application to UCR. This offer applies to online courses as well. 




Eligible candidates:
The scholarship is open to students of Dutch nationality younger than 27 years of age.


Scholarship criteria:
Demonstrated academic excellence, financial need, commitment to change and cultural diversity, and English proficiency.
Applicants intending to build on their UCR study experience to contribute to peacebuilding, conflict resolution, peace education, sustainable development and human rights in their future professional development are encouraged to apply.


Application requirements and necessary documents (in English):
Letter of motivation
Passport copy
copy of degree(s)
Two reference letters
Master programme course description offered by UCR
Budget: please provide detailed financial information including tuition fees and expected cost of living expenses. A statement of financial need is also required.


Amount of scholarship:
The value of the scholarship is open. 


Terms and conditions:
The scholarship is only valid in the year in which it is awarded and towards the proposed programme of study.
The student should hold a Bachelor’s degree or will have completed such before the start of the academic year.
The student should provide a mid-academic year report with a copy of their transcript, as well as a final report upon completion of the programme.
The student agrees to lend his/her name and agrees to have their reports and photo used on the UPEACE Centre the Hague website and social media platforms.
To ensure the 30% tuition discount, the student agrees to consult with UPEACE Centre the Hague PRIOR to submitting his/her official application to UCR.
For questions, please contact this mail address.


Applications are now open for 2024-2025 academic year with a deadline of June 1, 2024