UPEACE Centre The Hague

Representing the UN-established University for Peace in Europe


Interested in following a Master’s in peace and conflict studies at a UN-established university? UPEACE Centre The Hague can help you join the University for Peace in Costa Rica.


UPEACE Centre The Hague was set up to contribute to higher education and research in the field of peace and conflict management studies. As a representative in Europe of the  University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica - which was established by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 - the Centre promotes and facilitates the University’s programmes and activities in the Netherlands and other European countries.


UPEACE The Hague is the main port of entry for students from Europe who wish to follow a Master’s in one of the many Master of Arts (M.A.) degrees in peace and conflict studies at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. We can help you prepare your application and provide guidance on admission, visa and other administrative procedures for your study at UPEACE in Costa Rica. (UPEACE The Hague does not itself provide courses to students.)


Moreover, interested students from Europe who apply for a Masters’ study in Costa Rica through UPEACE The Hague may be eligible for a 30% reduction on their tuition fee.


Appropriately, we are based in The Hague, the UN “City of Peace and Justice” which has developed into an international legal hub, thanks to the presence of several UN courts and a thriving international diplomatic and NGO community. This offers us a solid footing to develop networks with a broad range of academic institutes, international, academic and non-governmental organisations, students’ associations, think tanks, etc., in order to increase understanding of peace studies and cooperation with UPEACE.


As it endeavours to broaden the scope of UPEACE Costa Rica’s learning programmes, UPEACE The Hague encourages cooperation in the field of peace studies with other academic institutions. This has led to the creation of joint study programmes for Master students of UPEACE Costa Rica with a.o. The Hague University of Applied Sciences and with the IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education.


UPEACE The Hague also develops studies and initiatives to further peace, mutual understanding and conflict resolution. Recently, we isssued a report on “Blue Helmets in Donbas?”, which investigates the possibilities for a UN Peacekeeping force in the war-torn east of Ukraine.